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[DELTA]_JaKe"s applocation

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[DELTA]_JaKe"s applocation

Post by [DELTA]_JaKe on Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:01 am

What is your IN-GAME name?:[DELTA]_JaKe
Are you ready to sacrifice for the squad?:Ofcourse
What's your time zone?:GMT +2
Do you have Mumble? (If not, install it):Will do so
Do you own a microphone? (If not, get one):Got one,i talk woth deltas everyday
If your application is accepted, will you come to all the trainings?:ofcourse
Rate your skills with SPAS12:8.75
Rate your skills with M4:8.5
Rate your skills with Deagle:9
Where are you from?:Lebanon
Do you have WhatsApp?:yes,but i didnt get knvited
Lenguage:english arabic and french
DELTA Rank:recluit
Have you ever been in a Official CW? (If yes, post the result and the enemy clan):alot of them,as im sas leader,i host them,for example vs bt,we won 3-2
For how long have you been in DELTA?:2 days,but im old in swc
How many hours do you play per day?7 hours:

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Re: [DELTA]_JaKe"s applocation

Post by [DELTA]iPaiN[HAWX] on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:11 pm

No you cant....


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