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[COD5]Ezio[DELTA]'s Application

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[COD5]Ezio[DELTA]'s Application

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:37 am

What is your IN-GAME name?: [COD5]Ezio[DELTA]
Are you ready to sacrifice for the squad?: Aye, I've always been loyal and honest to my clan and I've always made any sacrifices that must be made.
What's your time zone?: +5:30 GMT (I live in India)
Do you have Mumble? (If not, install it): Well, I'll install it.
Do you own a microphone? (If not, get one): Yes.
If your application is accepted, will you come to all the trainings?: Aye, I'll try to come on most of the trainings, but, you know.. sometimes, there are things which cannot be prevented and there are times when I've got something important to do.
Rate your skills with SPAS12: 7
Rate your skills with M4: 8
Rate your skills with Deagle:5
Where are you from?: India.
Do you have WhatsApp?: Yes.
Lenguage: Hindi, Telugu, English.
Age: 14(Going to be 15 this year)
DELTA Rank: Recluit
Have you ever been in a Official CW? (If yes, post the result and the enemy clan): Well, I've not been to any official CW, but I've been to a lot of tcw's and I've led my clan succesfully.
For how long have you been in DELTA?: Well, I just joined yesterday.
How many hours do you play per day?: 2 currently, but as my important studies are coming up, it might go down to 1


Note: Well, Even though I am not skilled, it's not only skills that are important, it's also the discipline and co-ordination which I do not lack. I shall come to all of the training sessions and WILL improve overtime.

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Re: [COD5]Ezio[DELTA]'s Application

Post by [DELTA]iPaiN[HAWX] on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:12 pm



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